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[sticky post] Writercon UK 2017 Sign-Up Post!

For those who prefer to use Dreamwidth, there is also a sign-up post here.

Friday September 15th to Sunday 17th September

Ramada Hotel, The Butts, Coventry, CV1 3GG

Membership Cost: £39.
This covers room hire, refreshments on Saturday and on Sunday morning, a private room for the Saturday evening buffet (but not the cost of the buffet itself, nor of other meals) and a GOODY BAG!

Friday: Introductions, quiz, goody bags and socialising.
Saturday: A full day of talks and workshops by fanfic writers, fan vidders, and fan artists, followed by more socialising and the buffet.
Sunday morning: More talks, the AGM, the raffle, even more socialising... and goodbyes :-(

Members are responsible for booking their own accommodation. gillo has once again arranged a special rate, so just mention that you're attending the Writercon event. The price is £70 for a single room and £80 for a double, and there will be a 15% discount for members on all food and drink charged to your room over the weekend! Car parking is free as a special favour to us. (The hotel does not own the car park).

There will be cocktail menus and a Friday evening trip to the Lebanese restaurant, Aqua, with sign-up sheets, as usual.


To sign up for Writercon UK 2017, just comment on this post, copying and pasting the template below. The comments are screened, and if we need to clarify anything, I'll contact you by PM.

You can register now, and pay later. Last call for payments will be a month before the event, but we'll remind you before that if you haven’t paid up!

This year we've decided to use PayPal's 'Send money to friends and family' facility.

Instructions under the cut...Collapse )

Note that membership numbers are limited to a maximum of 40, and membership will be on a first-come first-served basis :-)

Financially, the minimum number of people we need to make the event possible is 18.


tlanti and kazzy_cee will be recruiting speakers/workshop leaders shortly, and we'll remind you about raffle prizes nearer the time.

Finally - don't forget to pimp Writercon UK to all your friends!


People signed up so far (15):

Luke Bannon (lbjb247)
Pixie Barefoot

Writercon UK 2017 Reminder!!

It's just two and a half months to Writercon UK 2017! We already have 14 people signed up for the weekend:

- Luke Bannon (lbjb247)
- Pixie Barefoot

and a full programme of talks and workshops planned, including

kazzy_cee -- Music in fandom
gillo -- Inspiration without plagiarism
hab318princess -- Giving feedback
speakr2customrs -- Writing the perfect line
ningloreth -- Why we love fictional characters
hils -- Social media and fandom (discussion)
hobbituk -- Craft session
tlanti -- Getting inspiration from the things around you

(We'll post a proper timetable nearer the event). In addition, there will be the usual socialising, including

- Goody Bags
- Friday night's fandom quiz
- an optional trip to the Lebanese restaurant
- cocktails
- Saturday night's buffet
- the raffle
- and lots of time to talk about fandom and have fun with like-minded people.

And we still have room for more! Full details and the sign-up post are here on LiveJournal and here on Dreamwidth.


The official sign up and suggestion post :)

We are currently in the early stages of planning talks/sessions and so far we have - music in fandom, how we relate to fandom characters, (hopefully) a craft/practical session and at least one discussion session....
However - we still have a few 30 - 60 minute slots available so If you have something you would like to suggest even if you would rather not lead the talk/discussion yourself we would love to hear from you (yes, YOU!).

If you would like to be a part of the presentations please get in touch!

We can offer support and advice for any ideas so comment below and we can then start to finalise the programme for another fun packed WriterconUK event :)
We would rather have too many ideas so that we can pick the best - so do suggest something even if you don't want to deliver it or aren't able to attend. If you DO want to attend (and why wouldn't you?) it's not too late to sign up - more details here.

WriterConUK 2017 -- a date for your diary!

Hello everybody!

I'm very pleased to announce that, thanks to gillo and hab318princess, we have a date for our 2017 meeting.

WriterConUK 2017 will take place on 15-17 September at the Ramada in Coventry.

We're still working out the membership cost but, at the moment, it looks like it will be similar to last year. Watch out for the sign-up post.

And, as usual, we'll be asking for people to run panels/workshops, so please get thinking!

I hope to see you all there!

Processes to create art...

Loved the weekend... and in case you wanted the links to the various sites... I've posted the links (not the pics... sorry) here:


An email to the Ramada

I have had a follow-up email from the Ramada, asking how it all went. I need to reply in the next few days, and it would be really useful to have comments I could quote when I do so. You could either post a comment here or email me at gillDOTothenATgmailDOTcom.

My write up

... of the weekend can be found here.


Buffet menu and other last minute details

gillo has kindly met with the hotel staff for us and, armed with a list of everybody's needs and preferences, agreed the following menu for the buffet:

- chicken and tarragon terrine
- pea and watercress soup (lactose-free)
- salad bar

Main Course
- Chicken dish (TBC)
- Risotto (vegetarian)
- Potatoes
- Vegetables

- Two desserts (at least one of which will contain no artificial sweeteners) and cream will be provided separately.

There will be wine and soft drinks provided, but please feel free to bring a bottle!

The food will be labelled with allergen information. If there is still nothing on the menu you can eat, speak to me or gillo on Friday, and we'll arrange for you to talk to the hotel staff.

In addition:

Cocktails -- we will have a cocktail menu as usual, and gillo has asked for some non-alcoholic options.

Parking -- parking is free as part of our special deal. It might be wise to mention it to the staff when you check in and check out.

Checkout -- checkout on Sunday is by 1 pm. The later time is also part of our deal :-)


IMPORTANT -- Lebanese Restaurant!

Just two days to go and there's a full list of attendees at the sign-up post!

We have 18 people signed up for a trip to the Lebanese restaurant on Friday night:

colonel k
pixie barefoot

If you're not on the list and would like to join us, or if you're on the list by mistake, please let me know by 4.00 today; I'm phoning the restaurant to confirm our reservation at five!

See you on Friday! And when you set off, don't forget to pack your raffle prizes!


Really late sign up!

Hi, is there any chance that the two of us can come to Coventry next week? (Self and Colonel K)
I filled out the form on the Sign up post but no one may be looking at it. Happy to pay via Paypal.

IMPORTANT -- Friday Dinner

Apologies to anyone who isn't coming to the meeting.

It's been suggested that, rather than eating in the hotel on Friday evening, we might try the Aqua Lebanese restaurant, which is just a few minutes' walk from the hotel.

EDITED TO ADD: I have provisionally booked a table for 20, but they want an accurate number and a deposit on Wednesday (a week today). So I need an accurate number to give!

Please comment on this post if you'd like a Lebanese meal on the Friday night.


WriterconUK 2016 Programme!

Here is the programme for this year's event, with an emphasis on workshops, discussions, and lots of fun!


Just two weeks to go until the meeting!

We have 19 people signed up (and if you want to see who you'll be spending the weekend with, there's a list of attendees on the sign-up post, here). We have a full programme of talks, discussions and workshops planned, which we'll be posting in a couple of days' time.

In the meantime, one of the highlights of the weekend is the free raffle, which we hold on the Sunday morning as part of our AGM. Everybody--yes, everybody!--gets to choose a prize, and sometimes, thanks to the generosity of their fellow attendees, everybody gets to choose two!

In the past, we've had books, dvds, stationery, action figures and other fandom toys, wine, chocolates, offers of original artwork (including custom-made story banners), and beautiful knitted items, all donated by our generous attendees.

So when you pack your suitcase, please don't forget to bring one or two items for the raffle!


For those of you who aren't aware there's a new social media platform in development at the moment. Imzy looks to be a hybrid of the best of LJ and the best of Tumblr and is already making itself inclusive as a fandom space.

It's still in beta at the moment but the developers are working closely with the members who have already signed up and in the few days since I've joined they've already pushed out a bunch of new features following feedback from people with more things still to come

At the moment you can only get an account if you have an invite (I have a few available if anyone wants one) but to get ahead of the curve I've set us up a comm over there WriterConUK Imzy

Roommate required?

Is there anyone else looking for a roommate for this year? Hils is rooming with another friend so if anyone wanted to share a twin room do let me know ☺

EDIT No twins available, so a double booked, ask Hils what I'm like to share a room with 🐧💜🐧💚😊💚

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