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Sign up post for WriterConUK 2014


Friday September 12th to Sunday 14th September


Ramada Hotel, The Butts, Coventry City Centre.

Membership Cost: £35.

This covers our room hire, refreshments on Saturday and Sunday morning and Saturday afternoon, our private room for Saturday evening dinner (but not the cost of that dinner or other meals) and, of course GOODY BAGS.


Full programme will be available closer to the dates, but in outline you can expect; Quiz/Icebreaker, Goodie Bags and Introductions on Friday evening.

A full day of talks and workshops by fanfic writers, fan vidders, and fan artists, on Saturday, followed by socialising, and supper*.

More socialising, drawing of the raffle, and AGM on Sunday morning.

A special cocktail menu will be available at the bar just for us, as last year.


Members will be responsible for booking their own accommodation. Gill is discussing with the hotel whether we can get a special rate again this year - if you haven't been before here is their website.

Now the sign up bit; the comments to this post are screened and, to keep them that way, we will not reply directly to them. This means you can feel free to put the relevant info here. But if you prefer you can send it to me, or to gillo or tlanti, by PM. As long as we know the following;

1. The name you would like to have listed on your badge and the attendees list
2. Your fandoms (for quiz/icebreaker and workshop planning purposes)
3. Your primary fandom character (or pairing, if applicable) (this might be useful for the magical goodie bag creators) If you can also point to a source of pictures and information on less common fandoms, that would be wonderful too.
4. Any dietary preferences.

You may copy and paste this template, if it helps:

Your Online/Fandom Name:
Primary Fandom and Pairing/Character:
Particular dietary preferences:


You may register now, by commenting to this post, without paying just yet – last call for payments will be a month before the event – but we are likely to start poking you before that if you haven’t paid up!

To pay - use this PayPal button.

Unless you make your on-line name obvious from your Paypal payment details please either include the name that the payment will come from in you info in the screened comment, or use the private message function to contact curiouswombat and let me know your real name, so that I can match the Paypal payment with your online identity. This is important, otherwise I will end up with a number of payments with no matching attendee, and a number of attendees without matching payments…

Please note:

Membership numbers are limited to a maximum of 40. Membership will be on a first- come first-served basis.

There is a list of those who have already signed up HERE.

Finally - please do spread the word!

PS - I am actually deleting the comments regularly, after copying the info, to prevent any of us accidentally unscreening them - so don't be worried if your comment seems to have disappeared.



gillo and I both said, at last year's AGM, that 2014 would be the last event we would organise, that we would resign our committee positions.

This is me, formally, confirming that I am resigning as treasurer.

Hopefully someone else will feel able to take up the reins - it is really not all that onerous, I just think there need to be new ideas coming into the organising at regular intervals, and 4 years has been long enough.


Hotel Deal

gillo tells me that we have the same deal with the Ramada Hotel as we did last year - just mention WriterConUK when you book your room.

To be honest I can't quite remember what the deal was - speakr2customrs usually books for me!


An Update on Programme Items

Here's an update on programme items, tied together in one post so you have a clear idea of whose stepped forward so far.

I have responded to comments from volunteers and hope it was clear that their items are welcome... because I can confirm that we would very much like you to do them (and thank you, too!).

Quiz kazzy_cee

Show don’t tell ningloreth

Bearable Fanfics from Mills and Boon Summaries brutti_ma_buoni    

Fanfic as a conversation between writers/Writing dialogue deird1     

Pimp your Fandom   hils   

Plus there are a couple of other things in the pipeline, too.  And, of course, there will be cocktail breaks!  We may even have room for a couple more items!

Also, as I'm very new to this convention organising type thing, I'd like to request that if you have any questions or comments as a result of this post, please either comment or drop me a line.... just so I can make sure all's OK :)

Reminder - Writercon Needs YOU!!! :)

First of all, a great big THANK YOU  for the people who have offered to run items and have come up with ideas at this year's Writercon...

...We still have space, so if there is anything you would like to run, if you have any ideas or if there is anything you would like to see included, please reply to this post.

Many thanks in advance! :)


Social Media

Hi everyone

Just a quick reminder that we have various social media channels for this event that you are welcome to follow






Now, there you are thinking about work, or family, or what's for dinner, or why is the cat/dog/child making that noise in the next room.... when instead you should be going over to the sign up post and putting your name down for writerconuk in September.

Yes you should.


Well, there are already some fabulous people who have already signed up.

Feeling shy?  Well don't worry about that you actually don't have to talk to anyone, or do anything, just show up and you'll be able to listen in to the rest of us who pretty much talk about anything and everything.  There are no cliques - everyone is very friendly and you'll soon find that there is enough going on that you get included too.

I'm not a writer/artist/vidder - you don't have to be!  Anyone interested in fandom is welcome.  The fandoms are many and various (there's a list on the writerconuk website, but it goes beyond the ones listed!)

Don't like crowds?  It's not really that crowded - we have a limit anyway as the room we hire is not huge, and that's what's so nice.  There are enough people that you can chat to most people, but not too many to feel you can't get to know everyone at least a little bit over the course of the weekend.

Can't afford it? There is plenty of time to save up a little bit each week to pay for the registration and the cost of the hotel.  There are 24 weeks until writerconuk.  Put aside £5-£10 per week from today and you will have more than enough to cover the cost of everything including registration.  Share a room with a friend and you will bring the cost down even further (and we get a great rate from the hotel which includes a delicious eat as much as you like breakfast buffet - I have been known to go and have several courses for breakfast!).

What are you waiting for.... sign up now!  I'm really looking forward to it!

Programme Items - WriterconUK Needs YOU!

Greetings from WriterconUK's new secretary (that would be me!)

This is going to be my third Writercon, and what made the first two special was the efforts of everyone who ran an activity or an event where I had the chance to find out about aspects of writing, banners, costuming.... the works!  I was also delighted to provide my own presentation for last year's event - it was great presenting in front of such a welcoming and supporting audience.

It's going to be brilliant having cocktail breaks included in the convention - but, know what would make it better?  YOU! :) Are you interested in sharing your knowledge, putting on a programme item, presenting a subject close to your heart?  Please comment on this post - or PM me! :)

Already Registered.

I said I would post the list of those already registered at the weekend - but as it is growing quite quickly I thought you might like to know already.

I will up date this list regularly, and there will be a link to it from the sticky post that is the actual sign-up one - so you should be able to come and look easily.

So - current list of those who have registered is below;


Updated 21/07/14 as, sadly, ningloreth has had to drop out due to family commitments.


Announcement time!

After much discussion, and bearing in mind clashes with rather a lot of conventions and conferences over the summer, your Ever-so-Humble Committee have selected a date.

WriterconUK will take place at the Ramada Hotel, Coventry from Friday September 12th to Sunday 14th September.

Mark it in your diaries, folks - it's always a lot of fun and you know you want to join us!

Precise costings have yet to be worked out; curiouswombat will post about registration very soon, but it is unlikely to be very different from last year.

Watch this space!


The Game's Afoot

The planning for this year's Event is already underway.

As part of that planning, I am setting up a new website for The Event.

Exciting times.

Untitled 10

A minimeet?

I know that we haven't actually chosen a date for the next Event, however I was wondering if anyone would like to have a minimeet in London one weekend in March or April?

I'm thinking that a fandom walk such as the Sherlock Holmes walk?  I have been on this and would highly recommend it - anyone not sure of the fact it's 2 hours can be reassured that I completed this 4 weeks after I'd broken my foot a year ago and I managed the gentle stroll with ease.  It's £12 each and we could then go on to eat somewhere?

Alternatively if anyone else would like to suggest something I'm happy to help organise it - there are other walks on that website.

Thoughts.... ideas welcome.

Adventures in fandom

Most of you have already read my fevered account on our brilliant writerconuk weekend, but for the sake of completeness I thought I'd post a link here as well, because obviously the post is going to become an important historical document when Igor the Ice Warrior finally gets his book deal on the First Krill Rebellion - eek, sorry I wasn't meant to mention that was I...

Anyway, here's the link to Sparrow's Adventures in Fandom.

Writercon UK 2013: write up

I've written up my talk Fic and Art with links to all the stories and artwork.

It also has a live action shot of our flipchart brainstorm. Yes! Thanks again for all your contributions to this one. Let's hope it's useful to people running fic challenges


Hello all!

If you would like to use a banner in your write ups of the event, or put on your profile page to publicise what a great time we had - please copy the code to link to the writerconuk Livejournal.

Let me know if the code is being temperamental as this new Scrapbook code is annoying and I may have missed a bit of HTML...

Large attendee banner:

Copy and paste code for large banner

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