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Get Your Diaries Out

Happy 2015 everyone!

I am happy to announce that with help from the wonderful gillo we now have a date for the 2015 event

WriterConUK 2015 will take place on Sept 18-20 at the Ramada in Coventry.

We'll have details soon on pricing etc but at the moment it's looking like it's not going to be too different from last year.

Watch this space!

The lovely tlanti will be asking for ideas for panels/workshops fairly soon so put your thinking caps on.

See you all there hopefully!

Possible minimeet

There was a suggestion at the last writerconuk event about meeting up next year in London for a 'minimeet'.

I think this is a really good idea and I am happy to organise it if everyone would like it to take place.  London seems the most sensible place to meet as it is central and most people can get into London for a day trip and find their way around if necessary.

We have had some minimeets in the past and these have included a trip to Highgate Cemetery, The London Aquarium and a trip to the British Museum.  All of these have concluded with a meal afterwards, and have been great fun.  I quite like the idea of a visit to the Natural History museum or perhaps an organised walk (there are some terrific tour guides and subjects cover Dickens, Sherlock Holmes, Secret London and London Street Food for reasonable prices and are really an amble so not too taxing).

However, the other day I was out with lilachigh and she suggested that people might prefer just to meet up somewhere in a pub and have a meal.  So I thought I'd better ask!

This will not take place before March next year and will be during a weekend to ensure as many people as possible can join in if they want.  So please complete the poll below and add suggestions of your own in comments and I'll take it from there....


Poll #1991985 Mini meet up question...

I would like to meet up for:

Just a meal - I'm happy to sit and chat somewhere central
I'd like to visit something like a museum and then go and eat
Something else - I'll say in comments


If anyone took any photos at the weekend that they wouldn't mind being shared on our various social media channels please let me know. Obviously please make sure the people in said photos don't mind their image being put out on the interwebs too.

I'd also like to get one or two photos up on the website if that's possible hesadevil

My weekend write up...

The second (and final) installment of my write up of this weekend can be found here.


I'll be making some little banners for contributors and attendees at some point soon as usual.

WriterconUK first day!

Cross posted to monthlydiaryday my first day experience is here.

We're Go!

We're in the bar....


Route to the hotel

When you arrive at Coventry station - if you do - you may notice they are digging up most of the area. Google Maps does not yet know this; nor, I suspect, do most SatNavs. Hence this post.

If you are arriving by train the hotel is about ten/eleven minutes' walk away. You can take a taxi - there is a rank right outside the station.

If you want to walk, the simplest route is to leave the station and walk round it, keeping the buildings on your left until you are facing the track and a big red fence. Turn right at this point and walk parallel to the tracks, going under the road bridge and beyond, out into a car park. You will spot a retail park in front of you, and a high-level walkway which crosses the railway above you (not the railway, the walkway. Duh) and has a staircase by American Golf Shop. (Why American? Search me.)

I think there's a pat under the high-level walkway, or you may need to go up the stairs. In any case you turn right at that point and aim for Westminster Road.

You turn left onto Westminster Road, right onto Regent's Street and left onto Queen's Road. The hotel is a couple of hundred yards further down, opposite a row of shops and restaurants.


Map Station to Ramada

The map has grey alternative routes.

If you are coming by car from the south, you need to arrive in Cov via the A45, and stay on it until you reach the traffic lights which offer you the choice of Kenilworth to your left or Earlsdon and City Centre to your right. Turn right. Stay on the road right down to the city centre, or as near as you can get, which is currently a gawd-awful mess of road works. Stay in the left lane after the Central Six roundabout. The lane becomes a slip road onto the Inner Ring Road. Hug the left side, and ignore all temptation to join the ring road. It veers off again to the left; you then take each left turn you can until you arrive at the hotel. The car park is on your left, just beyond the hotel. You take a ticket and the hotel reception will validate it for you when you want to leave. Conference parking is all free of charge.

If you are coming from the north, follow signs to the City Centre and get onto the Inner Ring Road. Try to go anti-clockwise and leave at the IKEA Plaza exit. (Yes, that is a Thing.) Then take the third exit at the roundabout, towards the Butts, and then left to Queen's Road.

Good luck. It takes a brave soul to venture on the Ring Road. If all else fails, text, tweet or FB one of us and we'll send out a search party.

Looking forward to seeing you! It will all be worth it, I promise!

Cosplay Dinner

After a tongue in cheek conversation with wildecate we are thinking of cosplaying to the Satuday night dinner. When I mentioned this to enchantersnight and so_shhy they wanted in too so I thought I'd open up the idea of a cosplay dinner.

Obviously (especially given there's only a few days left to go before the event) it's not mandatory but I thought I'd ask and see if anyone else wanted to join in the silliness.

Any takers?

Writercon UK 2014 - Friday's Programme!!

As I type this I am really very excited about next weekend and have been working on the programme - the Friday night, so you know what the details are, is as follows:

18:45 Welcome to Writercon 2014! Official Opening and Greeting, plus... Goody Bags! Introductions! Quiz from Kazzy_Cee!
20:30  Dinner in the hotel (not included in membership price)
22:00  Cocktails - It's a magical place! As in previous years, a special cocktail menu will be available at the bar – and it’s just for us!

I look forward to seeing everyone there!

Quick update

I went to meet the hotel team last week. Our lovely Susie has moved on and Andrew has retired for good; instead Sian and Jyoti will be looking after us.

Sian asked if people who have booked rooms at the Ramada could email her so she can make sure you are getting the right rate - especially if you had trouble convincing the hotel in the past!

Cocktails will be available on Friday evening as well as Saturday, for those who want them.

Apparently the break-out area is now the "Executive Lounge"! The rooms are now named after clouds, BTW, so no more Hillman Hunter or Daimler. Sad.

Any questions about the hotel or the weekend, comment here and we'll try to get back to you asap.

Looking forward to next weekend!

Pimp Your Fandom - Final Call

Final call to give a little 5 minute talk about one of your fandoms and why it is so awesome.

Remember, it can be any fandom and your presentation can take any format you like. Powerpoint presentation, mime, interpretive dance, sung aria, whatever takes your fancy

So far the following fandoms are being presented

Welcome to Night Vale
Ice Hockey RPF
Mysterious Cities of Gold

Come on, you know you want to join in the fun! Comment here with your fandom of choice

(And be thankful I'm not talking about Marvel - I could fill an hour just talking about the movieverse and not even getting into the comics)

Raffle & Reminder

Getting closer folks!

Just 2 quick things from your committee;

Thing One. Don't forget to pay, if you haven't already done so. Not sure if you've paid or not? Just ask and I'll check my list for you.

Thing Two. The raffle. If you haven't been before, there is a raffle on Sunday morning - any prizes gratefully received whether these are fandom related things you don't want any more, a promise to make something, a silly thing, the traditional bottle of booze... anything! But don't worry - we won't throw you out if you don't contribute - but the more things on the table the merrier.


It's nearly time to go to Coventry!

The quiz has been completed *waggles eyebrows*

Now I am sorting out the art show.  Please can anyone point me towards any artwork from your fandoms (I have most covered, but it's always helpful to have more).  The artwork that works best is usually designed to be used as wallpapers - but manips work well too.

Thanks in advance!

Pimp Your Fandom - 2nd call

Thanks to those who have signed up to Pimp Your Fandom. We need at least a couple more people in order for it to be worth running so if you were thinking about it jump on in.

To clarify it doesn't HAVE to be a rare or obscure fandom. If you want to talk about Buffy, Merlin, Doctor Who etc that is totally fine. What makes the fandom fun for you might be new to someone else.

If you'd like to join in then please drop a comment here


Pimp Your Fandom!

So, those of you who are regulars know that my content usually involves encouraging audience discussion in whichever topic I have picked.

This year I am going for something a little more interactive and I need your help.

I am going to be running Pimp Your Fandom which is an opportunity for everyone to share a little something about one of their fandoms that the rest of us might not be familiar with.

How you do this is entirely up to you. You can just stand and talk, you can use props, you can do an interpretive dance, anything goes really.

But to have an idea of what sort of timeslot this needs I'd like to get an idea of who will be participating as well as which fandom you will be pimping so we don't have any duplicates.

Just drop a wee comment in the box with your name and the fandom you want to pimp.


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