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Happy Birthday

Happy birthdaycuriouswombat have a wonderful day x

My writeup

My write up is mostly a lot of photos but if you're interested they're here

Incidentally if you took pics and wouldn't mind sharing can you point me in the right direction. I'd love to get some up on our social media channels. I'm thinking a Facebook album would be a good idea


My Writercon weekend write up...

I have written up my thoughts about the weekend and they can be found on my journal here.

I can't believe it'll be 10 years next year!!

We have to do something special.  Maybe all the quiz questions will have something to do with 10 (oh - wait, that's given the game away, hasn't it! LOL!)

WriterconUK - Badfic

To write or not to write.
Or: Run away! Run away!

It has become something of a tradition that the last activity at our micro-con is the group creation of a really atrocious piece of bad, BAD fic.

The activity was preceded by PowerPoint, inevitably.Collapse )

And that, Dere Reederz, is why you should join us next year.

Dragon Age Romances

These are the videos I was going to show in my Dragon Age talk had the internet gods not been against us.

First two are random created player characters from videos I found on youtube. The second two are two of my created characters from Dragon Age: Inquisition


Reminder that we still need someone to step up as Treasurer for next year's event. You don't have to be present at the AGM to volunteer. If you can't make it this year but want to be part of next year's committee just let me know here or by PM and you can volunteer by proxy.

If we don't have a full committee by the end of the AGM we will have to look into whether we will be able to continue with the event. Hopefully it won't come to that!

What's Your Fandom - Final Call

Last call for anyone who wants to talk about one of their fandoms as part of my presentation. It doesn't need to be a fandom you are currently active in by the way. Could be you want to talk about a TV show/movie/game/book that you wish more people enjoyed you can talk about that

Here's the list as it stands

sparrow2000 - Buffy
enchantersnight - Hannibal
hils - Dragon Age
kazzy_cee - Sherlock Holmes (all versions)
tlanti - Jurassic Park
curiouswombat - Steampunk


Hello all the lovely attendees (and lovely non-attendees!).

One of the fun recurring programme items is the free raffle. In the past members have managed to pick up bottles of wine, offers of artwork to fit stories, original works of art, and beautiful books, amongst the bounty offered.

This can't happen without the generosity of our members, so please, when you pack your enormous suitcase to travel to The Event this year do find some room to tuck that good book you no longer need, or that jewellery from the show you know others love, into a corner. Someone will be sure to find just the item they need on the raffle table if you do!



Hi all

For personal reasons davidbrider has had to step down as treasurer.

tlanti has kindly stepped in to cover the position for the next couple of weeks but we will be calling for a replacement at the AGM on the 20th.

Have a think if this is something you are interested in and I'm sure curiouswombat will be able to answer any questions about the position and what it involves.

What's Your Fandom

Hi all

I'm still looking for people to talk about one of their fandoms for a few minutes. You really don't want me talking for an hour about all of mine :D

It's very informal and fun and you don't need to come and stand at the front if you don't feel comfortable doing that. Just pretend you're telling a friend about one of the things you love.

Here's who we have signed up at the moment. C'mon you know you want to join us :D

sparrow2000 - Buffy
enchantersnight - Hannibal
hils - Dragon Age
kazzy_cee - Sherlock Holmes (all versions)
tlanti - Jurassic Park
curiouswombat - Steampunk

What's Your Fandom

Just 3 weeks to go until the 2015 event! SQUEE!

This year I will once again be running a small segment called What's Your Fandom. This is the chance to introduce one of your fandoms to the group and maybe recruit some new people.

And for that I need volunteers! You will have a 5-10 minute section to talk about your fandom in whatever method you choose. Last year we had talks, video files, audio files and a dance along to the theme song.

If you're interested in taking part drop me a comment with which fandom you want to talk about. No need to get into the specifics of the form your presentation will take. You can decide that between now and then. I just need to get an idea of numbers and to make sure we don't get two people talking about the same thing.

Now I just need to decide which of my many, MANY fandoms I want to talk about :D


The Programme (AT LAST!)

Hello!  First of all, my apologies for not getting the programme up here sooner.  I wanted to do this last week but RL got very varied, interesting and downright crazy!

Could the awesome people who have put themselves forward for running a programme item please let me know if they are happy with this?  I have tried to vary the content from item to item, and if you see anything that is amiss - PLEASE DON'T WORRY.  Just let me now and I will sort it - what's important here is that this works for everyone.

Friday 18 September

Saturday 19 September

Sunday 20 September


Show Don't Tell

Bad!Fic Presentations


Entertain us with your creativity...




What has Fandom done for Me?






Farewell drinkies in the bar


Surviving Fandom





Alternative Storytelling



What's your Fandom?



Cocktails - cheers!


Bad!Fic / Writing Workshop

Official Opening and Greeting



Quiz - Kazzy Cee

Dressing for dinner


Dinner (in the hotel)


Cosplay is welcome!



1 Month To Go!

Greetings WriterCon

We are now a month away from the 2015 event. WHEEEEEEE!

Just to remind you that in order to ensure everyone gets an awesome goodie bag you need to Sign Up ASAP

Below is a list of the people who have signed up already. If you're wanting to attend and your name isn't on the list go and do the thing


We should have the full details of the programme available in the next few days. Watch this space!


It is now only 33 days until writerconuk!

I have some questions:

  • Mr Cee has kindly offered to print out the programmes for the event again, so please let me know if you would like me to design it or if someone else is doing that, please can I have a copy and a rough idea of the number of attendees please?  If someone else is printing, just let me know.

  • I am doing the quiz this year and it would be helpful to have a rough idea of fandoms to cover.  I am happy to post a poll, but does anyone have a list from the registration post which lists the chief fandoms?

  • I am happy to bring the projector again this year if you could let me know if it's needed.

I think that's it!

33 days!! *squeeeeeee!*


Any More Volunteers?

I was really quite pleased by the responses I got in my call for volunteers in my previous post here.

I still have space so if you have a subject you would like to talk about, an activity you want to run or any other ideas, please comment here :)  And if you are thinking that there is something you want to do but aren't sure how, please drop me a line. 

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