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Speak Up Now Or Forever Hold Your Pleas

Roll up! Roll up! Come one, come all to the niftiest little Event since 2011!

And what makes it so entertaining, so elucidating, so educating?

Why you of course!

You and your debates, your panels, your quizzes, your speakings and learnings!

Yes, that's right. It's time to get down to talking about talking.

What topics about creating fanfic, fanart, fanvids, fancrafts or the craft of being a fan would you like to see covered this year?

Have you a can of worms in the back of your pantry that you'd like to open up?

How about a mud pie you'd love to sling?

Was there a point that was touched on briefly in previous years that you wish had been expanded for discussion?

Or perhaps some new creative hydra has arisen and you seek support from your colleagues in creative arms on ways the beast may be bested?

Tell us what topics you want to hear!
Tell us what topics you most hold dear!
Into what mysteries shall we delve,
At the Writercon UK Event 2012?
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