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Sign Up Post for WriterConUK Event 2014.

Sign up post for WriterConUK 2014


Friday September 12th to Sunday 14th September


Ramada Hotel, The Butts, Coventry City Centre.

Membership Cost: £35.

This covers our room hire, refreshments on Saturday and Sunday morning and Saturday afternoon, our private room for Saturday evening dinner (but not the cost of that dinner or other meals) and, of course GOODY BAGS.


Full programme will be available closer to the dates, but in outline you can expect; Quiz/Icebreaker, Goodie Bags and Introductions on Friday evening.

A full day of talks and workshops by fanfic writers, fan vidders, and fan artists, on Saturday, followed by socialising, and supper*.

More socialising, drawing of the raffle, and AGM on Sunday morning.

A special cocktail menu will be available at the bar just for us, as last year.


Members will be responsible for booking their own accommodation. Gill is discussing with the hotel whether we can get a special rate again this year - if you haven't been before here is their website.

Now the sign up bit; the comments to this post are screened and, to keep them that way, we will not reply directly to them. This means you can feel free to put the relevant info here. But if you prefer you can send it to me, or to gillo or tlanti, by PM. As long as we know the following;

1. The name you would like to have listed on your badge and the attendees list
2. Your fandoms (for quiz/icebreaker and workshop planning purposes)
3. Your primary fandom character (or pairing, if applicable) (this might be useful for the magical goodie bag creators) If you can also point to a source of pictures and information on less common fandoms, that would be wonderful too.
4. Any dietary preferences.

You may copy and paste this template, if it helps:

Your Online/Fandom Name:
Primary Fandom and Pairing/Character:
Particular dietary preferences:


You may register now, by commenting to this post, without paying just yet – last call for payments will be a month before the event – but we are likely to start poking you before that if you haven’t paid up!

To pay - use this PayPal button.

Unless you make your on-line name obvious from your Paypal payment details please either include the name that the payment will come from in you info in the screened comment, or use the private message function to contact curiouswombat and let me know your real name, so that I can match the Paypal payment with your online identity. This is important, otherwise I will end up with a number of payments with no matching attendee, and a number of attendees without matching payments…

Please note:

Membership numbers are limited to a maximum of 40. Membership will be on a first- come first-served basis.

There is a list of those who have already signed up HERE.

Finally - please do spread the word!

PS - I am actually deleting the comments regularly, after copying the info, to prevent any of us accidentally unscreening them - so don't be worried if your comment seems to have disappeared.
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