Tlanti (tlanti) wrote in writerconuk,

Programme Items - WriterconUK Needs YOU!

Greetings from WriterconUK's new secretary (that would be me!)

This is going to be my third Writercon, and what made the first two special was the efforts of everyone who ran an activity or an event where I had the chance to find out about aspects of writing, banners, costuming.... the works!  I was also delighted to provide my own presentation for last year's event - it was great presenting in front of such a welcoming and supporting audience.

It's going to be brilliant having cocktail breaks included in the convention - but, know what would make it better?  YOU! :) Are you interested in sharing your knowledge, putting on a programme item, presenting a subject close to your heart?  Please comment on this post - or PM me! :)
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