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Buffet menu and other last minute details

gillo has kindly met with the hotel staff for us and, armed with a list of everybody's needs and preferences, agreed the following menu for the buffet:

- chicken and tarragon terrine
- pea and watercress soup (lactose-free)
- salad bar

Main Course
- Chicken dish (TBC)
- Risotto (vegetarian)
- Potatoes
- Vegetables

- Two desserts (at least one of which will contain no artificial sweeteners) and cream will be provided separately.

There will be wine and soft drinks provided, but please feel free to bring a bottle!

The food will be labelled with allergen information. If there is still nothing on the menu you can eat, speak to me or gillo on Friday, and we'll arrange for you to talk to the hotel staff.

In addition:

Cocktails -- we will have a cocktail menu as usual, and gillo has asked for some non-alcoholic options.

Parking -- parking is free as part of our special deal. It might be wise to mention it to the staff when you check in and check out.

Checkout -- checkout on Sunday is by 1 pm. The later time is also part of our deal :-)
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