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Hello everybody! It's that time of year again!

We have contacted the Ramada Hotel, Coventry, and, unfortunately, the date we agreed at the AGM -- 6th-8th September -- is already taken, but the weekends before and after are free. So, which date do you prefer? Please vote below.

Poll #2090959 Writercon UK 2019 Dates Poll

Which date do you prefer?

30th August-1st September (NB the preceding Monday, 26th August, is a bank holiday)
13th-15th September

In case you need to check, tlanti has sourced a calendar of conventions here.

Small Bear Pics.

Bill asked for pics....

Here they are sharing a lolly from my goody bag -

And here is their new home -


Someone mentioned a costume database ...

Who was it? And if you are here, or can remember, what was it called?
Each year the writerconuk weekend simply whizzes by!  It's so nice to see folks who you only ever interact with online in person - I've only been going for 3 years, but it feels like I've known everyone forever.  And this year there were newbies too, which was really nice.   What's special is the way we all pick up from last year like it's been days, not months.  It's a really friendly group and everyone is made welcome.  Better still, it's not just for people who create art or write - people who just read or comment are also drawn into the fold and made to feel like they belong.

So, on with the details.  Behind the cut to save scrolling...
Friday...Collapse )

Saturday...Collapse )

Sunday...Collapse )

After the AGM we all started to drift off - some to their cars, other to the bar to await the departure time to catch their trains.  It was lovely to see everyone again, and sad that it was all over.

I went home on the A and B roads again, and got home just before 4pm, as they say, tired but happy.

Seriously, if anyone thinks it sounds like fun, IT IS!  If you can come along you really should - we get a good rate for the hotel (including parking) and the fee to attend isn't huge.  So, so worth it.  Go on, you know you want to...


We just got home about 5 minutes ago. Crossing was a bit lumpy, but fortunately Ben-my-Chree is not only stabilised side to side, but pretty well against a head on sea as well, so it was not too bad. Mind, you can always tell if it is a bit rough - the only thing eaten or drunk around us after we left port was fizzy water... and there was not a lot of conversation :)

It was lovely to see you all - and there is a room here if anyone fancies a holiday. (Sailings are usually smother than ours - and there are lots of flights - pity I am a flight-phobic.)

My fandom talk from this year's event

You can find a .pdf file of my 2018 presentation on The Magic of Lighting here. You can see my notes for the presentation under each slide so should be able to get a flavour of the talk even if you weren't there.

I can't embed the video clips in the .pdf I had but here is the reference about how the face changes in different light.
The key lights clip from Bladerunner 2049 can be found here
The almost final slide clip which covers almost all the parts I highlighted in the talk can be found here.

Writercon write up.....

My write up of the weekend can be found on my journal here (unlocked)....


Now I need to see if I can post my talk.....

Making a tissue box

What fun! Fandom tissues!!


Look it all the gorgeous donated raffle prizes! Looking forward to the raffle tomorrow :)
We have our own area specially for us in the bar!!

MIssing you all already!

So sorry not to be able to make it this year, I hope you all have a wonderful time and I look forward to reading about your 2018 Coventry adventures. Might even mix myself a cocktail this evening!


After three years of sterling work, hab318princess has decided to step down as Treasurer so, at the AGM on Sunday, we'll be calling for a replacement.

Please have a think if this is something you are interested in doing. I'm sure hab318princess will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the position and what it involves.

See you tomorrow!

Just some last minute details:

The Lebanese restaurant. A table for 20 is booked for 8.00. (They know us: "Yes, you come every year; you all have funny nicknames.") I will circulate a couple of menus before the quiz so we can choose what we want beforehand and give them a list as we arrive to speed things up. (There is also an online Menu here if you want a preview).

The Buffet. hab318princess has kindly been liaising with the hotel staff for us, and we've agreed the following menu:

Curried Sweet Potato Soup with Onion Cream (on the side) Allergens: Milk
Salad Station: Mixed Leaves, peppers, red onion, pomegranate
Meat & Cheese Board: Ham, peppered pastrami, salami, cheese, tapenade Allergens: Milk

Chicken Fillets with a mushroom, caper & parsley sauce* Allergens: Milk
Tilapia Fillets with a sautee leeks, fennel & mustard sauce* Allergens: Milk, Mustard
Roast Cauliflower Risotto (v)
Served with roast potatoes and roasted Mediterranean vegetables (with no tomatoes!).
* We've asked for the sauces to be served separately.

Chocolate Torte Allergens: Milk, Trace of nuts. Gluten free
Mixed Fruit Eton Mess Allergens: Milk
Fresh Fruit Salad

There will also be wine and soft drinks provided.

Saturday Lunchtime. There will be a special menu for us, with a wide choice, at lunchtime on Saturday.

Cocktails. We will have a special cocktail menu as usual.

Raffle. Don't forget to bring things for the raffle!!

Parking. Car parking is free as part of our special deal. It might be wise to mention it to the staff when you check in and check out.

Bar Food. They have a new system where you have to order bar food in the restaurant, but you can eat it in the bar. Not sure how it works, but we'll find out tomorrow!

See you tomorrow in the bar!
Just two weeks to go until this year's event on September 7, and the hotel has asked us to give them final numbers by next Thursday so, if you're still thinking of joining us,

you must sign up by Wednesday 29!

(If you want to see who else is attending, there's a list on the sign-up post, here).


Here is the programme for this year's event, with a craft workshop, discussions, and lots of fun!


One of the highlights of the weekend is the free raffle, which we hold on the Sunday morning as part of our AGM. Everybody gets to choose a prize, and sometimes, thanks to the generosity of their fellow attendees, everybody gets to choose two!

In the past, we've had books, dvds, stationery, action figures and other fandom toys, wine, chocolates, offers of original artwork (including custom-made story banners), and beautiful knitted items, all donated by our generous attendees.

So, when you pack your suitcase, please don't forget to bring one or two items for the raffle!

Friday Night trip to the Lebanese Restaurant

On the Friday night, most of us go to the Aqua Lebanese restaurant (which is just a few minutes' walk from the hotel). The food is delicious and we have a lot of fun.

Please comment on this post if you'd like to eat at the restaurant, and I will book a table.

Just four weeks until Writercon UK 2018!

If you've signed up but haven't yet paid your membership fee, please pay asap -- there are instructions on the sign-up post. (And if you're not sure whether you've paid or not, just PM me and I'll check for you ;-)

If you're still deciding: the hotel has asked us to confirm numbers at least two weeks before the event. So

please sign up here by Friday 24 August.

We'll post the programme of events as soon as it's finalised, but I can already tell you that there will be a craft session, two or three talks about various aspects of fandom and creating fanworks, discussion panels, a fandom quiz, a fandom game, and the raffle, plus lots of time to socialise.

Hope to see you there!


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