Hils (hils) wrote in writerconuk,

Fanworks That Have Changed My Life

Spoilers for my panel below ;)

So, since this is our 10th event, I thought it would be cool to look back over our time in fandom, share some of our favourite fanworks, and talk about the positive influence fanfic/fanart/fanvids/etc have had on us.

The plan is for this to be an interactive discussion and for that I need input from you guys. So if you would like to share some fanworks that have had an impact on you let me know.

It can be anything. A fic that made you cry, a piece of art that blew you away, a vid that you still go back and watch, something that changed how you think, something that led you to meet your best friend. Anything where a fanwork has left an impression.

If you want me to put the works up on the screen can you provide me with a link or a copy.

Let me know if you have any questions.
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