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Registration for Midimeet 2008

WriterconUK are now pleased to accept registrations for the Midimeet 2008

Registration is now closed for WriterconUK Midimeet 2008.

Dates: 15th – 17th August 2008.

Venue: Silverthorne Room, The Town Hall, Reading, Berkshire, UK

Membership Cost: £25.

Programme: To include a full day of talks and workshops by fanfic writers, fan vidders, and fan artists, also opportunities for socialising, exchanging work with your fellow fans and other activities. Plus issue of the highly desirable WriterconUK goodie bags.

Intended audience: Anyone currently involved with, or wishing to become involved with, the creative side of any fandom as a writer, vidder, artist, beta or reviewer. All levels of experience welcome.

Accommodation: Registration will take place at Novotel Reading Centre which will be used as the ‘hub’ for the weekend. Members will be responsible for booking their own accommodation at this or any other hotel or guest house they choose. More details about accommodation.

Please note: Membership numbers will be limited to 40 for this event. Membership will be on a first come first served basis.

How to Register

Please comment on this post. All comments are screened so that only the people processing your registration can see them.

Please provide the following information:

  1. Your full name for membership purposes
  2. A contact email
  3. The name you would like to have listed on your badge and the attendees list
  4. If you would be willing to contribute to a talk, workshop or presentation (see below)
  5. Details of your website if you would like it included on the attendees webpage
  6. How you intend to pay (see below)

WriterconUK is by the members for the members, so everyone is invited to contribute to a talk, workshop or presentation. Please do not be shy about offering, if you would like to take part then we will be pleased to try to fit you in. Suggestions for programme items are welcome from individuals or small groups on any subject relevant to the creative side of fandom. To give you some ideas, have a look at the 2007 programme.

Payment Options
A single membership costs £25.
  • PayPal: Payment must be received in full within two weeks of registering. If paying via a different email address to the one listed for contact, please say what it is in your comment.
  • By Post: Peasant is willing to accept payment by cheque sent by post from all those who attended the 2007 Midimeet or whom she has met in person on another occasion. This will save PayPal fees, so please use this method if possible. For reasons of online safety this option is regrettably not available to new attendees. Payment must be received in full within two weeks of registering.

Membership is non-refundable, however it can be transferred to another person by agreement.

If you wish to express interest but cannot commit at this time, please comment to say so, this will help give us an idea of numbers, although we cannot guarantee to reserve you a place unless you pay for a membership.

Please pimp this news far and wide. (What? I'm the Treasurer, it's my job to worry about ticket sales.)

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