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WriterconUK are now pleased to accept registrations for the Midimeet 2009

Dates: Friday 14th – Sunday 16th August 2009.

Venue: Daimler Room, Ramada Hotel, The Butts, Coventry City Centre

Membership Cost: £25.

Programme: Quiz, Goodie Bags and Introductions on Friday evening.
A full day of talks and workshops by fanfic writers, fan vidders, and fan artists, on Saturday, followed by socialising, and supper for those who wish.
More socialising and possibly a couple more talks/workshops on Sunday morning.

Intended Audience: Anyone currently involved with, or wishing to become involved with, the creative side of any fandom as a writer, vidder, artist, beta or reviewer. All levels of experience welcome.

Accommodation: Members will be responsible for booking their own accommodation, although we have negotiated a special group rate at The Ramada, details of which are here.

Saturday Night Meal: £15 per head for two courses. £20 per head for three courses. To be booked in advance and paid for individually.

Car Parking: £4 per 24 hours

Please note: Membership numbers are initially limited to 30, although if there is greater demand we will make every effort to book a larger room, to accommodate more. Membership will be on a first come first served basis.

How to Register
Please comment on this post. All comments are screened so that only the people processing your registration can see them.

Please provide the following information:
1. Your full name for membership purposes
2. A contact email
3. The name you would like to have listed on your badge and the attendees list
4. Details of your website if you would like it included on the attendees webpage
5. How you intend to pay (see below)
6. Your fandoms (for quiz and workshop planning reasons, if you haven't already told us this in the previous post)

WriterconUK is by the members for the members, so everyone is invited to contribute to a talk, workshop or presentation. Please don't be shy about offering; if you'd like to take part then we will be pleased to try to fit you in.

kitty_poker1 has posted here asking for volunteers, or just ideas.

To see what kind of things have been covered in the past, take a look at the 2008 programme for the one day event.

Payment Options

A single membership costs £25.

PayPal: Payment must be received in full at least three weeks before the event. If paying via a different email address to the one listed for contact, please say what it is in your comment.

[Button Deleted]

By Post: Maz is willing to accept payment by cheque sent by post from all those who attended the 2008 Midimeet. This will save PayPal fees, so please use this method if possible. For reasons of online safety this option is regrettably not available to new attendees.

Payment must be received in full, within two weeks of registering intent to attend, here.

Membership is non-refundable, however it can be transferred to another person, by agreement.

If you wish to express interest but cannot commit at this time, please comment to say so. This will help give us an idea of numbers, although we cannot guarantee to reserve you a place unless you pay for a membership.

Please pimp this post on comms in any fandom you are a member of.

Credit: Thanks and apologies to peasant_ for the fact that I basically plagiarised her post of last year *g*
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