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Banner Grab 2010!

The WriterConUK Banner Challenge 2010

Any member of WriterConUK can enter this challenge; you don't have to be attending Midimeet 2010 to do so.

Plus there is to be no limit on the number of banners, or the number of stories, that can be posted - the more the merrier!

We'd love to see the artists and authors working together to produce a collaborative effort.

The theme for this year's challenge is Summer

Suggested prompts are:

Summer in the city

Or you could come up with others that remind you of Summer.


We'd love you to make banners to inspire writers. All banners should measure no more than 700x500px (in either direction) and you can create them however you fancy, using any style, any fandom, any characters you like.

There are a lot of fandoms out there and we are all inclusive, so in case we don't get a fandom match for everyone, we would also welcome banners that are not fandom specific.

Artists may also challenge the writers, if they wish, by setting specifics for the fic they'd like to see attached to their banner, e.g.:

  1. Characters to be included (any fandoms can be included and crossovers are fun!)

  2. Preferred rating

  3. if you are linking to a season/episode, please say so

  4. Must Have (up to three specifics)

  5. Can't Have (up to three specifics)

Or you could leave it entirely up to the writer to be inspired by your banner.

Banners and fic specifics are to be posted in the WriterConUK LJ under a cut, please, between now and the closing date of 31 July 2010.

Please tag your banner somewhere in small letters with "Designed for WriterConUK 2010”.

All banners will be included in the Midimeet slideshow over the weekend of 6 – 8 August 2010.

Banners may be posted elsewhere after completion of Midmeet 2010.


You get to write in response to the banners. Use them as your inspiration.

Claim a banner by commenting to the artist’s post. More than one writer can claim the same banner.

Fic can be a drabble (or series of drabbles), short ficlet or something longer. It’s entirely up to you and your muse.

Be assured that there is no hurry to perform! Posting for writers will not commence until after Midimeet 2010, on 9 August 2010. For drabbles and ficlets the closing date will be 28 February 2011. For longer fics, the first chapter must be posted by 28 February 2011, but can be continued for as long as you like.

When posting fic which has artist specs attached to the banner, then they must be included and followed, and the banner posted with the fic.

All fics should be posted in WriterConUK LJ, under a cut.

Fic must be posted in WriterConUK LJ before being posted elsewhere.

Good luck everyone!
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