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Another writerconuk weekend has been and gone...

Each year the writerconuk weekend simply whizzes by!  It's so nice to see folks who you only ever interact with online in person - I've only been going for 3 years, but it feels like I've known everyone forever.  And this year there were newbies too, which was really nice.   What's special is the way we all pick up from last year like it's been days, not months.  It's a really friendly group and everyone is made welcome.  Better still, it's not just for people who create art or write - people who just read or comment are also drawn into the fold and made to feel like they belong.

So, on with the details.  Behind the cut to save scrolling...
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After the AGM we all started to drift off - some to their cars, other to the bar to await the departure time to catch their trains.  It was lovely to see everyone again, and sad that it was all over.

I went home on the A and B roads again, and got home just before 4pm, as they say, tired but happy.

Seriously, if anyone thinks it sounds like fun, IT IS!  If you can come along you really should - we get a good rate for the hotel (including parking) and the fee to attend isn't huge.  So, so worth it.  Go on, you know you want to...
notes from a small island


We just got home about 5 minutes ago. Crossing was a bit lumpy, but fortunately Ben-my-Chree is not only stabilised side to side, but pretty well against a head on sea as well, so it was not too bad. Mind, you can always tell if it is a bit rough - the only thing eaten or drunk around us after we left port was fizzy water... and there was not a lot of conversation :)

It was lovely to see you all - and there is a room here if anyone fancies a holiday. (Sailings are usually smother than ours - and there are lots of flights - pity I am a flight-phobic.)

My fandom talk from this year's event

You can find a .pdf file of my 2018 presentation on The Magic of Lighting here. You can see my notes for the presentation under each slide so should be able to get a flavour of the talk even if you weren't there.

I can't embed the video clips in the .pdf I had but here is the reference about how the face changes in different light.
The key lights clip from Bladerunner 2049 can be found here
The almost final slide clip which covers almost all the parts I highlighted in the talk can be found here.


After three years of sterling work, hab318princess has decided to step down as Treasurer so, at the AGM on Sunday, we'll be calling for a replacement.

Please have a think if this is something you are interested in doing. I'm sure hab318princess will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the position and what it involves.